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Happy New Year!

January 2, 2011

2011 will, for me, be a year of hard work and tremendous excitement as we take the first steps on our journey together as the Jacksonville Men’s Chorus.  After working in a variety of capacities with three other GALA Choruses over the last two decades, I am elated to begin this new venture with its unique structure and vision!

We’ve got lots to do before our auditions on JANUARY 23 and JANUARY 30, as well as our first REHEARSAL on FEBRUARY 6!  Much planning and groundwork has already been laid and we have a great head-start, but the real work of your JMC is just beginning.

If you’re a singer who plans to audition, now is the time to choose your audition piece.  It should be no longer than 18 bars (measures), be a sacred, Broadway or classical selection and be music that you LOVE and that you are comfortable singing.  As with any audition, it is always best to be as prepared as you can be.  Memorization is preferable to reading sheet music, as having your piece memorized will allow you the best opportunity to truly connect with the judges.  The judges will want to not only hear your voice, but they will want to SEE your stage presence and your commitment.

In addition to memorization, some other audition tips that you might find helpful:

  • Practice singing your audition piece in front of a mirror.  Are you presenting the emotion of the piece with your facial expression?  Are you singing in your best posture?  Do you believe what you’re singing?
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes!  For some folks auditions, like job interviews, can be nerve-inducing.  Wearing clothing that you feel able to move and breathe in is helpful in calming any anxiety you might feel.
  • SMILE!  The judges will want to see your enthusiasm and excitement about joining the JMC.

In the coming days we’ll be writing more about the JMC, what it will be, how it will work and where you can contribute your own gifts and talents.  I’m excited to begin what I know will be only the first of many, many seasons of great music, wonderful friendships and lots of fun.  I know each of us will look back with pride and joy at what we will create together in this first season.

Jim Moody
Artistic Director

Rehearsal Space Found!

December 19, 2010

JMC is very grateful to GLBT Center of Northeast Florida, The Oasis for donating much-needed rehearsal space. Beginning in January, your JMC will begin auditioning for the upcoming season and look forward to your support.

If you are interested in auditioning for the Chorus, you can learn more about the audition process here.